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OFFICE35 is an import business specializing in everything from promoting and marketing products that have not yet entered the Japanese market to building offline and online sales networks. We are fully committed to selling your products long-term in the Japanese market.

sales channels


We supply products to buyers from major retail chains, specialty stores, department stores, and TV shopping channels across Japan.

Online sales

We sell on major marketplaces such as Amazon and Rakuten, as well as on the e-commerce sites of specialty stores.


We utilize Japan's largest crowdfunding site, Makuake, to increase product awareness, attract early adopters, gain media coverage, and promote through influencers.


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Partner Crowdfunding Companies

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We are crowdfunding marketing experts recognized by one of the largest crowdfunding sites in the country.

Pioneering the Japanese Market with
Cutting-Edge Marketing

Delivering Innovative Products to Japan through High-Level Funding Solutions

Extensive Track Record

With extensive experience in high-funding campaigns, we create compelling sales records to help products enter the market.


Expertise in Japanese Market Trends

With a deep understanding of Japanese consumer behavior and market trends, we provide marketing strategies that resonate with the local audience.


Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

From campaign planning to post-launch marketing, we offer comprehensive services including media exposure, influencer partnerships, and securing distribution channels to maximize product awareness and sales potential.

The first promotion

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Why Makuake?

Many overseas manufacturers desire offline wholesale distribution, but it is very challenging to sell large quantities of unknown products from the start. Since Japanese people cannot read English, having Japanese pages and catalogs is essential. Buyers always ask, "But will it really sell in Japan?" To capture their interest, it is necessary to strategically prepare Japanese websites, user reviews, influencer introduction videos, media coverage articles, and actual sales records in Japan.

Advantages of Makuake

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Acquisition of early adopters

Makuake primarily attracts relatively affluent males in their 30s to 50s. Engaging early adopter customers who favor novelty can help us enhance initial product visibility and obtain early market support.

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Ideal for marketing

Makuake is ideal for media and social media, increasing the likelihood of media exposure. Especially being featured on TV or in prominent media can greatly enhance subsequent sales. Success on Makuake offers a great chance to boost the product's brand strength and achieve broad recognition.

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Advantageous for wholesale

Since Makuake only features new and innovative products, buyers from major retail chains, department stores, and specialty stores are constantly watching its trends. Gaining attention on Makuake can facilitate smoother negotiations with buyers, paving the way for offline wholesale distribution and making success in the Japanese market more attainable.

About the Makuake process

We will introduce the specific process we use to introduce products to the Japanese market through Makuake. This process is essential for increasing product awareness and building a track record to successfully achieve wholesale distribution.



Content creation and localization

Translation and localization: 

We translate content provided in English or Chinese into Japanese, providing information suitable for the Japanese market. This includes product descriptions, images, and videos.

Preparation of evidence and test reports: 

We prepare evidence and test reports for submission to Makuake to demonstrate the reliability of the product.



Application and approval of the Makuake

Project application:

Based on the content translated into Japanese, we apply for the project on Makuake.

Content review and revision:

Based on feedback from Makuake, we make necessary revisions and submit additional evidence documents. This process takes about six weeks.



Pre-marketing activities

Utilizing Facebook Ads: 

We conduct pre-campaign promotion using Facebook ads starting two weeks before the campaign launch. This maximizes sales immediately after the campaign begins.

Target Audience Setting: 

We develop strategies to effectively reach the target audience interested in the product.



Execution of the Makuake campaign

Campaign Launch: 

We execute a 40-day Makuake campaign to increase product awareness and gain early supporters.

Customer Support: During the campaign, we respond to customer inquiries and feedback in Japanese within 24 hours.

Real-time Feedback: 

We collect feedback from customers in real-time and make necessary responses or improvements as needed.



Sales and shipping

Sales Quantity Confirmation: 

After the campaign ends, we confirm the number of units sold and place an order with your company.


If inventory is available, we make a 100% upfront payment. If not, we pay a 30% deposit and the remaining 70% before shipment.

Shipping Preparation: 

Your company only needs to send the order to our warehouse in Tokyo, and we will handle the individual shipments to supporters within Japan. We cover all international shipping costs and customs duties.



Planning and execution of the next campaign

Customer Follow-up: 

We continue to follow up with customers after the campaign to enhance satisfaction.

Execution of the next campaign: 

We analyze the campaign results, identify areas for improvement, and plan and execute promotional campaigns for the next steps.

Case study


We successfully conducted three campaigns, raising a total of over 20 million yen in support funds.

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We increased product awareness by getting featured in over 100 media outlets, including TV, newspapers, and magazines.

自社で実施した プロジェクト (2).png

Our product is now available at beauty clinics, fitness studios, and relaxation salons nationwide in Japan. Due to high demand, we have received orders that have resulted in a four-month waiting period.


During the approximately one-month campaign, we received orders for 1,000 units and secured the introduction of our product to 13 major Bic Camera retail stores.

We exhibited at the Tokyo Gift Show, securing agency contracts with specialty stores and trading companies.


Partnership for Success in the Japanese Market

To those considering expanding their business into the Japanese market,

Japanese consumers have a strong tendency to purchase products that are already popular or widely discussed.

This makes it challenging to sell products that are not yet recognized in the market.


This tendency is not limited to consumers; buyers also exhibit a cautious approach when it comes to products without a proven track record in Japan. They often question, "Will it really sell in Japan?"

However, once a product gains recognition and establishes a track record, Japan’s well-developed distribution network can lead to explosive sales nationwide. This potential for high-volume sales is unmatched.

Our specialty lies in introducing innovative products to the Japanese market that have not yet been launched here. We excel at creating buzz and establishing a strong market presence for such products, utilizing media and influencers to attract early adopters and ensuring efficient nationwide distribution.

We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you to make your product a hit in Japan. With our experience and expertise, we can help your product achieve success in the Japanese market.

We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Masato Iwagami

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Let's expand your product together in the Japanese market!

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