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New Product Introduction

The bag revolution is here! Introducing the "IN & OUT BAG" that is perfect both inside and out 😆

The bag-in-bag that has been loved for 15 years has evolved and is now making its first appearance in Japan as a new generation "NEW bag"!

✅ Over 500,000 units sold! Introducing the new and improved bag-in-bag!

Incredible storage capacity and sophisticated design

✅ Say goodbye to the stress of searching for things in your bag. Start your day smarter.

"IN & OUT BAG", born from the bag-in-bag that has been loved in Korea for many years, has arrived in Japan for the first time!

The project will start on Creema SPRINGS from Thursday, March 21st!

[Early support benefits available]

Super early bird discount of 35% off! Limited quantities available, so don't miss out!

Come and check out the details of the "IN & OUT BAG" that will change your everyday life👇

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