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For products new to Japan

Make your product a big hit in Japan!

We will produce successful

crowdfunding campaigns.

OFFICE35 is an official CAMPFIRE partner

We are one of the largest crowdfunding sites in Japan, CAMPFIRE.A recognized crowdfunding expert.

Advanced marketing strategy to achieve high funding

We propose the best solution for your campaign


We will investigate the suitability of the product's market expansion strategy. If there are better strategies than crowdfunding, we will recommend other options.


We will handle the creation of all necessary elements such as sales copy, design, videos, website, and social media for the pre-launch and live campaign.


We will carefully consider the platform and user characteristics to design the rewards and create an advanced advertising strategy, including email marketing, influencer marketing, and media PR, to gather supporters with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Crowdfunding is
more than just a one-time fundraiser.

Implement strategic campaigns to increase sales several times


We will execute multiple campaigns.

Campaigns that have been successful on Makuake tend to have a higher chance of success on CAMPFIRE as well. By implementing marketing strategies unique to CAMPFIRE, it is possible to achieve even greater fundraising results than Makuake campaigns. Additionally, it is also possible to run multiple campaigns for the same product.

Acquiring media coverage and retail partner

During the crowdfunding campaign, it is often easier to obtain media coverage and secure distributors. By raising awareness of the product and exploring potential distributors during the campaign period, we can also progress with preparations for general retail sales.

Expanding the fan base

By acquiring fans who have empathy and a desire to support us, we have a higher chance of converting them into future customers. These fans become valuable supporters of our business, and their support contributes greatly to our success.


Some of the projects implemented

We carried out crowdfunding three times and succeeded in collecting a cumulative total of more than 20 million.

スクリーンショット 2023-06-20 072500.png

We have carried out various marketing and have been published in many media such as TV, newspapers, magazines, industry magazines, and web media.

D2C Challenges

自社で実施した プロジェクト (2).png

At the same time, we have also developed distributors, and have been handled by beauty clinics, fitness studios, relaxation salons, etc. throughout Japan.

自社で実施した プロジェクト (3).png

During the campaign period, it was decided to introduce it to 13 big camera stores.

スクリーンショット 2023-07-01 111754.png

We also conducted a sales promotion campaign for B2B, and received more orders than the number of Kurafan support for the first lot order.

Succeeded in obtaining about 5 times more support money for products implemented by other support companies​.

スクリーンショット 2023-06-20 103900.png

A project that only 860,000 were collected in a project implemented by another Kurafan support company.

A few months later, we succeeded in collecting more than 4.22 million yen in support funds for a project we implemented.

Actionable knowledge, proven strategies and a framework to hack your business growth

Make the most of crowdfunding


In order to take advantage of D2C, a wide variety of digital strategies is required, such as the establishment of E-Commerce Website.



Experienced directors will plan D2C strategies to support your business.

There are projects in crowdfunding campaigns that achieve millions or even billions of yen in pre-sales within just a month, while only about 5% of projects manage to gather support of over 5 million yen.

Even among that 5%, there are cases where projects struggle with post-crowdfunding promotion.

Nice to meet you, my name is Masato Iwagami.

As a crowdfunding specialist and an external partner recognized by Japan's No.1 crowdfunding platform CAMPFIRE, I have been involved in numerous projects.

Through my experience, I possess practical knowledge in crowdfunding, proven strategies, and the secret formula to hack business growth. As a campaign manager, I have maintained a 100% success rate with the projects I've managed.

To enhance the potential for success in your project, I can provide you with optimal steps based on a proven framework used exclusively by top crowdfunding agencies. I can either guide you as your dedicated project manager or fully handle your entire campaign.

If you are planning to start a crowdfunding campaign, please feel free to reach out to me for further discussion.

Official CAMPFIRE Curator
Masato Iwagami



Strategy Formulation

We will conduct thorough market competitor research to understand the landscape and identify key players in your industry. Based on this research, we will assist you in selecting the most suitable crowdfunding platform that aligns with your project goals and target audience. Our team will also work closely with you to design an effective reward structure and develop a compelling marketing strategy tailored to your campaign. This includes identifying target demographics, determining key messaging and positioning, and planning promotional activities to maximize campaign visibility and engagement. By carefully planning and strategizing every aspect of your campaign, we aim to optimize its performance and increase your chances of success.

Live campaign

We will execute a strategic plan that leverages pre-launch activities, media PR, influencers, and SNS platforms to generate accelerated traffic and achieve high-value funding. Our approach will take into account the algorithmic characteristics of the chosen crowdfunding platform to maximize visibility and engagement. During the pre-launch phase, we will build anticipation and excitement for your campaign through various activities. This can include teaser campaigns, sneak peeks, exclusive previews for early supporters, and creating a sense of exclusivity around your project. By strategically timing these activities and leveraging social media channels, we aim to generate buzz and attract a dedicated audience even before the official campaign launch. Media PR will play a crucial role in spreading awareness about your project. We will identify relevant media outlets, both online and offline, and craft compelling press releases and media pitches. Our goal is to secure media coverage and interviews that highlight the unique aspects and value proposition of your campaign, increasing its exposure to a wider audience. Influencer marketing will be employed to tap into the reach and influence of key individuals in your target market. We will identify and collaborate with influencers who align with your project's values and have an engaged following. Through sponsored content, reviews, endorsements, or influencer-led events, we will leverage their influence to create buzz, drive traffic, and encourage support for your campaign. SNS platforms will be utilized strategically to engage and mobilize your target audience. We will develop a content calendar and implement a mix of engaging posts, visuals, videos, and interactive content to spark conversations, encourage user-generated content, and promote sharing. By understanding the algorithms and user behaviors on these platforms, we will optimize our approach to maximize organic reach and engagement. Through this comprehensive strategy, we aim to drive accelerated traffic, capture the attention of potential backers, and create a compelling narrative around your campaign, ultimately leading to a successful high-value funding outcome.


We will carry out the creation of the project page, production of product introduction videos, development of teaser websites, and the creation of advertising creatives. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your project's unique selling points and target audience. We will then design and develop compelling project pages, engaging videos that showcase your product's features and benefits, captivating teaser websites to generate interest, and attention-grabbing advertising creatives to attract potential backers or customers. Our goal is to create compelling visual and written content that effectively communicates your project's value proposition and drives engagement and conversions.

​Development of sales agents

We will carefully analyze the unique characteristics of your product and identify potential matches with major retailers, department stores, specialty shops, catalog sales, TV shopping channels, and online marketplaces. We will initiate discussions with these potential partners to explore distribution opportunities. Our approach will involve thorough market research and understanding of each retailer's target audience, product requirements, and distribution channels. We will tailor our pitch and value proposition to align with the needs and preferences of each specific retailer. During the commercial negotiations, we will leverage our expertise in pricing, terms, and conditions to secure mutually beneficial agreements. Our goal is to establish strong partnerships that maximize product visibility, accessibility, and sales potential across various retail channels. By effectively positioning your product, highlighting its unique selling points, and demonstrating its market potential, we aim to secure partnerships with reputable retail outlets that are well-suited for your product. This will provide you with broader market reach and increased opportunities for sales and growth. Through our dedicated efforts in commercial negotiations, we will strive to achieve favorable terms, optimal shelf placement, and promotional support from selected retailers. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships that contribute to the ongoing success and expansion of your product in the retail market.

Pre-launch activities

We will implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes SNS advertising, email marketing, influencer marketing, and referral marketing. For SNS advertising, we will create targeted campaigns across popular social media platforms to reach and engage your desired audience. This will involve crafting compelling ad creatives, selecting appropriate targeting parameters, and monitoring campaign performance to optimize results. In terms of email marketing, we will develop an effective email campaign strategy to nurture and engage your existing and potential backers. This includes creating captivating email content, designing visually appealing templates, and implementing automated workflows to deliver personalized messages at the right time. Influencer marketing will be an integral part of our strategy, where we will identify relevant influencers in your industry and collaborate with them to promote your campaign. This can involve sponsored content, reviews, endorsements, or influencer-led events to generate buzz and drive participation. Additionally, we will leverage referral marketing techniques to encourage existing backers to share your campaign with their networks. This can include implementing referral programs, offering incentives for referrals, and providing supporters with easily shareable content. By implementing these diverse marketing tactics, we aim to maximize campaign exposure, increase reach, and drive engagement and conversions for your crowdfunding campaign.

Preparation for general sales

We provide comprehensive support in establishing and operating your e-commerce website. Our team will assist you in designing and developing an attractive and user-friendly website that showcases your products effectively. We will ensure seamless integration of payment gateways, secure checkout processes, and efficient order management systems. In addition to e-commerce, we can help you expand your reach by establishing a presence on major online marketplaces. We will guide you through the process of setting up shop on these platforms, optimizing product listings, and managing inventory and fulfillment processes. To enhance your offline presence, we offer services such as creating promotional materials for retail stores, including flyers and point-of-purchase (POP) displays. Our experienced designers will work closely with you to develop eye-catching visuals that effectively communicate your brand message and drive customer engagement. Furthermore, we can support your participation in trade shows and events by designing compelling promotional materials, such as brochures and POP displays. These materials will help you attract attention, convey your product's unique features, and generate leads during exhibitions and events. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support in both the online and offline realms, ensuring that your brand and products are effectively promoted and marketed to reach a wide range of customers. By combining our expertise in e-commerce, retail marketing, and visual communication, we will help you create impactful campaigns and materials that drive sales and contribute to the success of your business.



​Exclusive club fan

Producer dispatch

We will send a dedicated project manager for your campaign.


Domestic Kurafan

leave everything to you

​This is a full package of 14 days pre-launch + 31 days live campaign.



Advice and mentorship, not campaign management.


Overseas Kurafan

​ Leave everything to us

We will act as an agent for overseas club fan campaigns such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Steps to start support

We offer the best solutions.


Contact Us

First, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form. Please let us know your current issues and requests. 



Based on your inquiry, we will arrange a date and time for an online meeting. During the meeting, we will discuss your specific needs and goals in detail and propose a service plan tailored to your needs.


Plan Selection

We will determine the best service plan for you based on our online meeting.
We will propose the best plan for you, taking into account your budget, delivery schedule, and other requirements.


Start of support

Once a plan has been determined, we will determine a strategy based on market research and begin to create a sales funnel for the entire project. As marketing professionals, we are committed to helping you realize your vision and goals.

  • すでにプロジェクトを実施しているのですが、思うように支援が集まりません。今後の施策についてご相談できますか?
  • ページ制作だけなどプロジェクトの一部を代行していただくことも出来ますか?
  • 初めてのクラファンで、何から手を付けてよいかも分からず、何を相談してよいのかもわかりません。こんな状況でも相談に乗っていただけますか?
  • 申し込みをしたら、いつでもサービスを受けれるのでしょうか?
  • 一か月後にプロジェクトを開始したいのですが、ご対応いただけますか?
  • 日本語でのページ作成、マーケティング、顧客サポート、プラットフォームとの面談、メディア記者の取材対応、インフルエンサーの起用など、プロジェクトに関わる全てを任せたいのですが可能ですか?
  • 日本企業から沢山のオファーが届き、どことパートナーシップを組むか迷っています。あなたたちを選ぶ理由を教えてください。
    当社を選ぶ理由は以下の通りです: 私たちはクラウドファンディングに特化した専門知識と豊富な経験を持っています。クラウドファンディングのトレンドや市場動向を把握し、最新の戦略とベストプラクティスを提供します。 私たちはプロジェクトの全体像を考慮し、ページ制作からマーケティング、顧客サポートまで幅広いサービスを提供します。一貫した戦略と効果的な施策を展開することで、プロジェクトの成功を追求します。 私たちはお客様のニーズや目標に合わせて戦略をカスタマイズします。一つひとつのプロジェクトに最適な手法を適用し、最大限の成果を追求します。 当社はお客様とのパートナーシップを重視しています。長期的な関係を築き、お客様のビジネスの成長をサポートすることを目指しています。お客様の成功が私たちの成功です。 私たちはお客様の成功に真剣に取り組みます。成果を追求し、目標達成に向けて最善の努力を尽くします。お客様のビジネスに価値を提供し、共に成長することにコミットしています。 以上の理由から、私たちは他のパートナーと比べて優れた価値を提供できると自負しています。是非、私たちとのパートナーシップをご検討いただき、成功に向けて共に歩んでいきましょう。
  • キャンペーンの代行ではなく、日本全土で末永く販売して頂ける独占的な販売権を提供する日本のパートナーを探しています。あなたたちに任せることは可能ですか?
    当社では、輸入業者として日本での独占的な販売権をもつパートナーになることも可能です。弊社とのパートナーシップにより、お客様の製品やサービスを日本市場に導入し、長期的な販売戦略を展開することができます。 私たちは豊富なマーケット知識と販売ネットワークを持ち、お客様の製品を適切な販売チャネルに展開するための戦略を提供します。また、広範なマーケティング活動や販売促進策を通じて、お客様の製品の認知度を高め、需要を喚起します。 独占的な販売権の提供については、お客様の製品やニーズに合わせて具体的な条件や契約内容を検討し、協議させていただきます。お客様のビジネスの成長と成功を支援するために、最適なパートナーシップを構築できるよう努めてまいります。 ご興味がありましたら、お気軽にお問い合わせください。私たちはお客様のビジネスの拡大に向けて全力でサポートいたします。

We will support you flexibly 

based on a consultation.

Please feel free to contact us.

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