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Import and export business

We will travel around the world to deliver products that will enrich the lives of our users.


Products handled



GRAVITHIN, a young watch brand founded in Italy in 2017.

With a strong focus on design and high-quality craftsmanship, the company has a reputation for creating watches that can express elegance, and is a fashionable accessory for design enthusiasts and watch collectors who seek the latest in design.

With attention to detail and anticipation of future trends, we offer beautiful Italian timepieces that pursue unique designs.

Serapist Store

Operates the “Serapist Store” that aims to optimize sleep and posture.

"Developed by a Korean research team consisting of top experts in the field of posture and sleep, investing a period of 2 years.We are dealing with "Gotcho back pillow".

A new concept pillow that can be used for sleep and rest to easily care for your smartphone neck, stooped back, and rolled shoulders.



Catnail is a special cardboard cutter that can cut open and dismantle cardboard boxes safely and at an ultra-high speed. The world's first corrugated cardboard cutter that realizes safe and efficient sliding cutting with a rational ergonomic design that prevents the blade from coming into direct contact with people.

For manufacturers who want to wholesale their products

We will spread the appeal of your products through a variety of sales channels.

We have a wide network throughout Japan, including major mass retailers, department stores, TV shopping, catalog mail order, and online businesses.

We will do our best to convey the appeal of your products so that your products catch the eyes of many consumers and spread throughout Japan.

​For product suggestions, please use the inquiry form below.


For customers who wish to purchase


Please feel free to contact us for a quotation and new business.

We are the only company that handles this product in Japan.

We have a lineup of groundbreaking products that are already popular overseas and not yet available in the Japanese market.

Please feel free to contact us for suggestions on how to make proposals to your customers and proposals that suit your sales floor.

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