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New products revealed on Makuake!

\ These shoes are perfect for trips where you'll be walking a lot! 🌍/

Lumton, which aims to make the most comfortable shoes in the world, has arrived in Japan.

✅ Hugely popular among international celebrities! Ranked #1 in the Korean Shoe Brand Awards

✅Achieve sales of 2.4 billion yen in 2023! A brand that is 5.5 times more popular than last year

✅Selected as "Best Wool Sneakers" by Rolling Stone Magazine

Lumton's "Baddy" travel shoes are explosively popular in Korea.

Finally, the first arrival in Japan!

"Wrapped in the finest wool. Lumton is so comfortable you won't want to take it off."

The project starts on Makuake on January 6th!

[Early supporter benefits]

▼More details here▼

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