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Connecting Japan and the World

Discover wonderful products from around the world and bring them to Japan.

full of smiles and joyContribute to the future

Vision & Mission



"We are committed to being the bridge that connects exceptional manufacturers worldwide, discerning users, and the overall well-being of society.

Our goal is to support the growth and success of our partner manufacturers, contributing to the resolution of societal challenges and the realization of a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Through spreading smiles and joy, we cultivate 'trust' and strive towards contributing to a sustainable society.

As a sincere partner to our associated manufacturers, users, and society as a whole, we will grow together, walk together, and build a better future."



We embrace the mission of contributing to our clients' success and guiding users and society towards happiness.

For our clients, we provide strategic support to facilitate their success and empower their business growth.

For users, we unearth exceptional products from around the world and offer solutions that enrich their daily lives.

Our mission is to pursue joy alongside all stakeholders, continuously providing trust and value, as we build sustainable growth.

Service provided

Crowdfunding Support

We are one of the few supporting companies that have a partnership with CAMPFIRE, the largest crowdfunding site in Japan.


We are a group of crowdfunding experts who make high-dollar fundraising a reality.

Import and export business

we have established a strong network of major retailers, department stores, eyewear specialty shops, TV shopping channels, catalog sales, and onlinemarketplacesthroughout Japan.  

This network allows us to effectively distribute your product nationwide and reach a wide range of customers. 

Business Matching

We connect foreign manufacturers who want to export to Japan with Japanese manufacturers who want to import to Japan.
We find the best partner for both parties.

Greetings from the President


Thank you for visiting our website.

We founded our company in May 2019 with the mission of assisting overseas manufacturers in expanding into the Japanese market. We have been involved in various activities, from establishing partnerships with offline retailers such as major stores, department stores, and specialty shops, to supporting online operations on platforms like Amazon and Rakuten.

Furthermore, we have extensive experience in planning and managing effective promotional campaigns, as well as building sales systems. Through our expertise and knowledge, we aim to maximize the profitability and growth of our partnering manufacturers.

We excel in campaign production, web marketing, and public relations across various media channels, including TV, newspapers, magazines, and web platforms. Our strength lies in successfully launching new products in Japan and expanding their reach through strategic marketing and advertising.

However, we acknowledge that there are companies that specialize in scaling from 10 to 100. These are well-funded enterprises with significant financial resources and large-scale warehouses.

When it comes to expanding into Japan, the choice of an appropriate partner may vary depending on timing and specific needs. We are committed to supporting your success from the 0 to 1 stage and can connect you with companies better suited to the 10 to 100 stage.

We kindly ask you to consider us as your first step towards long-term business growth in Japan."

Please note that translation may not be an exact representation of the original message, and it's advisable to review and edit the translation to ensure it aligns with your intended message

OFFICE35 Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and President

​ Masato Iwakami

Examples of Support


Growing into a shop with monthly sales of 40 million

Issues during consultation
The company had already managed its own e-commerce site, but the staff in charge were extremely busy and could not manage to improve the e-commerce site effectively and open stores on the platform.

Our response
We selected Amazon and Yahoo Shop as the platforms for the sales site, and acted on behalf of the total planning and operation, including store opening, sales, logistics, and customer service.

Implementation results

The site performed well right from the start, achieving monthly sales of 40 million yen in the third month after launch.
The company shared its know-how and provided thorough training to improve skills in sales and operations, and succeeded in building a system that could be managed entirely in-house in six months.


Successfully developed 30 retailers in six months

Issues at the time of consultation
With over 300 Japanese companies offering crowdfunding offers, the client was unsure which one to choose. They also wondered if crowdfunding was effective in the first place.


Our response
The manufacturer wanted to wholesale to mass retailers and do business in Japan for a long time rather than crowdfunding, but the company making the offer had little experience in wholesaling to mass retailers, so we handled the 0 to 1 process.


Implementation Result
The company received over 20 million in crowdfunding support and successfully developed 30 retail stores in six months. When a deal with a major mass retailer was finalized, the company was handed over to a financially strong Japanese company, and sales have been steadily increasing ever since.


Issues at the time of consultation

The Japanese company we had entrusted the project to had not placed any orders since the crowdfunding campaign, and had been left without any action for more than six months. We did not know where to start.

Our response
Branding from the ground up and expanding awareness were necessary. We proposed to conduct another crowdfunding campaign, and at the same time, to make offline bulk proposals to companies, and to conduct sales activities to acquire distributors, in order to win a large number of orders in a short period of time.

Implementation Results
The one-month campaign succeeded in selling 800 units. At the same time, the company received large orders of 100 units from 4 companies offline by using fax DM and e-mail DM for offline bulk proposals. At the same time, we also developed distributors, and during the campaign period, 13 major volume retailers decided to introduce the product.

Successful V-shaped recovery in 2 months after complete abandonment

What's New


We have signed a partnership agreement with CAMPFIRE, one of the largest crowdfunding sites in Japan.


The Japanese EC site for the Korean manufacturer SAEGAK is now available.


We have signed a partnership agreement with CAMPFIRE, one of the largest crowdfunding sites in Japan.


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